Hearing loss and other conditions


Certain medical conditions may increase your risk for hearing loss. If you have impaired blood flow through the body, you’re more likely to develop hearing loss. Learn more about which conditions can affect your hearing.


Around 30 million Americans have diabetes, and they are twice as likely to experience hearing loss. Diabetes leads to high blood pressure, which may result in blood vessel damage throughout your body. Your ears are particularly sensitive to blood flow, so damage there can quickly develop into hearing loss.

You can help protect your hearing health by controlling your diabetes with prescribed medications. Monitoring and keeping your blood pressure in check, exercising moderately each week, and eating a healthy diet to help manage your weight will also help reduce your risk.

Heart disease

When your heart health suffers, plaque builds up in the arteries and disrupts blood flow. Similar to diabetes, this can cause damage to your inner ear and result in hearing loss. Research suggests this hearing impairment could be one of the earliest signs of heart disease, making annual hearing exams is crucial to your overall health.

High blood pressure (Hypertension)

If you have hypertension, your hearing loss may result from the same blood vessel damage that affects diabetics. Acting early may help you maintain your hearing health, so speak to your doctor about strategies for controlling your blood pressure. In addition to healthy diet and exercise habits, quitting smoking and avoiding alcohol can help many individuals achieve a healthier blood-pressure level.

While you and your doctor can manage your symptoms to reduce health risks, you may have already suffered some degree of hearing loss. If you notice any changes in your hearing, come speak to us.

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