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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Letters, Lois Eisenberg, April 14.

Once again, Lois has, in her inimitable way, managed to blame every bad thing in the world on President Trump. The use of exaggeration to make her forlorn points is pathetic in the extreme.

We have all had chief executives we were critical of and perhaps despaired of their ever doing anything right, such as Obama or Clinton. Bill Clinton’s approach to the presidency was sophomoric at best and Obama’s lack of understanding was monumental. But you can say about both that they were good politicians.

Trump has come to us when the country was crying out for someone to stop the slide into progressive hell and he has been able, for the most part, to make a dent in their progress. But make no mistake, they are not stopped nor are they dissuaded from their mission. We have a war being waged for the heart and soul of our country and make no mistake that the progressives will destroy it if they are allowed.

Our collective defense against this type of anarchy is education. It would not hurt any of us to take a hard look back at what our forefathers thought of personal freedom and how they fought to get and keep it. Men have died for 200 years for that precious right and we have become so lazy that we disdain the very concept and value it less than those before us.

Freedom bought with blood has to be protected and honored and above all must not be frittered away as if it has no value. We used to say the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools and this helped to instill in each of us a deep sense of reverence for the experiment that is the United States of America.

President Ronald Reagan knew this and used words that expressed it better than most in our short history. What was written 230-odd years ago must not vanish from this world.

Jim Horton

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