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Letters to the Editor
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Re: letters, March 27, Lynn Wright.

It is always interesting to read liberal writings. One is left to wonder what it is that they want from this life. 

They espouse beliefs that are totally unworkable and yet seemingly believe so strongly that they are willing to follow them to their own destruction. Quite puzzling.

Mr. Wright has come to the defense of Joe Biden, who has been in politics for so long that he no longer is able to recognize his own corruption. 

He has been corrupted for so long that he has come to believe this is the way government is conducted.

Mr. Wright is very derogatory as regards conservative news, deriding Laura Ingraham as a propaganda outlet. 

The CNN’s and MSNBC’s are the true propaganda channels. It is a real shame that these news sources can no longer accurately report the news and not add their own spin.  

There is another word that comes to mind with this discussion. That is OBTUSE. 

Webster defines obtuse as “not quick or alert in perception, feeling or intellect.” 

After suffering through the sham of the impeachment hearings and viewing the performance of the various players, it is hard not to apply that definition to much of what passes for the Democratic Party’s behavior.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are the most obtuse of any we have seen in years. It is hard not to compare them with the likes of Tip O’Neill or a Sam Rayburn. These men were truly the “loyal opposition” in the best sense of the term. 

Their loyalty was to the United States and not to some dysfunctional political party. Pelosi would destroy this country in her effort to bring down President Trump. 

Can you imagine Tip O’Neill standing in a meeting and shaking his finger at President Reagan? Or ripping up a state of the union speech copy instantly after the president is done speaking?

Bad behavior has become the watchword of the liberals. Their overpowering need to destroy everything that has made this country great is somewhat unusual in the annals of human history. 

Usually, people want to hang on to what they have built, but not the liberals. Their aim seems to be to want to tear it all down and create a new entity in their own image.

Jim Horton


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