Lois Eisenberg | ‘Stop the World, I Want to Get Off’

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This saying encompasses the way many people would like to stop the madness and get back to normalcy and a slower pace.

Someone is trying to tell us something, that the way that the world is today, that we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Our leaders today have not helped the situation, but have only added to the chaos with their ineptitude of not knowing how to govern. Technology and all of its component parts have moved so fast, adding to the chaos.

We have all contributed to this whirlwind of cellphones, letting them run our lives with all the inane videos and games.

We have been mesmerized to the point that we cannot control our addiction to these inane videos and games, which are very hard to win, and we have all become prisoners to this handheld creature, the cellphone.

This has made John and Jane Doe very complacent in their everyday life, curtailing sometimes some of their normal day’s activity.

Stop the world, or slow it down for normalcy.

Lois Eisenberg


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