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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Graduation is different this year, as it was for me.    

I went to my graduation in 1993 in a wheelchair. The virus, COVID-19, surprised the world this year and many graduations are postponed.  

A drunken driver hit me in April 1992, damaging my hearing capabilities, walking and speech. I also could not attend proms and senior events.   

Now, I write letters in California newspapers, like The Signal, and give speeches with law enforcement making people aware of the dangers of driving drunk. 

It is disappointing that you will not have the typical graduation seen on the media, but you are history in the making! 

Imagine this: 28 years from now, you will be able to tell kids and others about this experience. You can explain about social distancing, wearing masks, how it affected you and cleansing everything was emphasized. Our situations differ, but we missed many pleasures of the senior year.  

I always have high hopes for the future, which is what students should have. You will get your diploma and remember these days. The mayhem the world is facing now will be interesting to talk about. I wish you the best, graduates!

Lori Martin


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