Randi Kay | Nurse License Fees too Steep

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It is time for state boards of nursing to re-evaluate nursing re-licensure fees. When checking the website for the updated fee schedule, I added up the fees I would need to pay to renew my licenses for two years. 

The RN fee is $190, public health license $125, nurse practitioner $250 and nurse practitioner furnishing fee $162. This adds up to a total of $727. 

I retired three years ago and would like to volunteer to assist with the public health or mental health needs of Californians struggling to cope with the current coronavirus. These exorbitant fees will not encourage re-entry into the workforce and I would like to appeal to Gov. Gavin Newsom to ask the board to reduce fees for the foreseeable future. 

This action will make it easier for nurses to re-enter the workforce and assist patients with therapy needs, contact tracing of cases, or other work that needs to be done. 

There are many aspects of nursing even those of us who are high-risk and who must work from home can perform without being at the bedside, and our contribution can free up providers in health care facilities to attend to more critical patients.

Randi Kay


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