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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

On April 10, The Signal published a letter to the editor by Marc Winger, former superintendent of the Newhall School District, describing a National Republican Congressional Committee campaign ad as disinformation and lacking context.

Mr. Winger subsequently confirmed there was a vote by Christy Smith, then a Newhall School District board member, to “issue layoff notices for teachers and furlough staff,” curiously closing by calling the NRCC media piece a “deceptive political ad” and signing the letter as “Marc Winger, Santa Clarita.”

Speaking of context, and in the interest of transparency, that letter should have been signed as “Mark Winger, Treasurer, Christy Smith for Congress,” because that’s been his role in the campaign according to a Federal Election Commission filing dated Oct. 30 and continuing according to a quarterly filing dated April 15.

Christy Smith should require campaign staff to disclose their roles to media publication editors and readers to avoid rewarding omissions.

Ron Bischof


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