Steve Lunetta | China, or Not China? That Is the Question


I’m the type of person who likes to think the best of people. For example, I think many of the bad things that happen are often the result of a good intention that goes horribly sideways.

For example, many government entitlement programs are created with the best of intentions but wind up causing long-term harm to the people they intend to help through dependency and multi-generational cultural addiction to government handouts.

Communism is another great example. In an effort to streamline and make an economy more “efficient,” communist regimes seek to control 100% of an economy by setting prices and production goals. Of course, we all know now that there is no way to do such a thing and the end result is a strangulation of the very forces that make an economy efficient.

In this same vein, I look at China and ask myself, “Did China release coronavirus on the world intentionally?” I do not believe all of the extremist theories that are bouncing around out there, but there are some disturbing points that need to be considered.

Why was China so slow to shut down international air travel? (New York Times, April 4.)

Why are many discounting the presence of a level 4 biohazard research facility just a few miles from Wuhan? (Daily Mail, Jan. 23.)

Why are most in the media silent about the fact that China was hoarding medical supplies weeks in advance of the outbreak and then held all exports of such supplies? (New York Times, March 13.)

Why is the complicity of the World Health Organization in propagating the virus being ignored? (Fox News, April 18.)

Why were many of the doctors and health care workers in China silenced (some violently)? (Business Insider, March 12.)

Why were some foreign news correspondents ejected from China? (BBC, March 18.)

In my effort to think the best of people while still looking at the facts, this is the best I can come up with: China unwittingly released the coronavirus from its biological research facility in Wuhan. 

This was probably because animals intended for destruction from the facility were sold in the open-air market. The workers involved likely made a quick buck and had done it dozens of times before, with no ill effects.

But, let’s add the following: Once China realized what happened, it decided to play out the incident to see where it led. I have no doubt that such a scenario had been examined in experimental war games intended to damage the West.

It couldn’t be working out any better for China. China’s gross domestic product (GDP) was hopelessly far behind the West. Even at a 9-10% growth rate, China would take decades to catch the United States with even a modest 2-3% U.S. GDP annual increase. 

Of course, the math all changes if the economies in the West shrink dramatically. What better way to do that than shut down all business with a pandemic? This Machiavellian scheme is admirable in its simplicity yet diabolical in its implementation.

Maybe China didn’t do it intentionally but they sure did nothing to stop it. Sure, they sent a few doctors and supplies to Italy. This was basically a feel-good PR stunt.

The data that China has shared is little more than laughable. While the nations of the world have tasked their best doctors and scientists to understand this data, scratching their heads on why it does not mirror the data from Spain, Italy, and the U.S., China throws up its hands and says, “We just do it better than you.”

No. The likely truth is that the Chinese data is fake. We have wasted valuable time and energy analyzing infectious disease progression data that has harmed our ability to develop effective counter-measures.

Again, could it be that this was deliberate? We have seen from past experience that lies and deceit are part of the communist system. Back in the Soviet days, a factory would tell the local production committee that 2,000 tractors were made when only 150 shoddy units were really assembled.

Bad news is not tolerated in a communist regime. If the factory manager was truthful and reported the 150 tractors, he would likely no longer be the manager. Or alive. Maybe the same is to be said of China?

The report of a viral escape in Wuhan would probably mean some plant manager or public health official would soon lose his life. Thus the cover-up and possible evolution into a weaponization of the situation for elevating China to a new level of economic superpower.

Man, pass me the foil hat. I cannot believe this is true. But, more importantly, how do we get ahead of this and stop it? That’s what our leaders need to be doing.

Steve Lunetta is a resident of Santa Clarita and refuses to think any person or nation could be so dark and evil. He hopes and prays he is wrong. He can be reached at [email protected].

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