Steve Lunetta | Face Masks: For a Checkup or a Holdup?


My wife made me a face mask. But it’s not a cool face mask like train robbers used back in the 1870s. It’s got a very nice manly paisley pattern on a blue background and loops around my ears. 

It really doesn’t say, “Stick up your hands and give me yer COVID relief check.”

It does keep me from sneezing on people, though. The Centers for Disease Control published a guidance this week that has patterns on how to make a mask ( Take a look if you don’t have one. Trish is making ours with a hot melting glue gun.

Man, my wife is crafty.

The masks are supposed to stop us from spreading coronavirus if we are infected but are not very effective at stopping the virus getting to us unless they are N95 or better. 

I like to think they give us some measure of protection, though.

One interesting thing they do is stifle communication. They tend to muffle the things people say. Also, you can’t read lips if you are unsure what someone said. I’m wearing my mask now. 

Let’s experiment. 

“Gavin Newsom is doing a great job.” 

Did everyone hear that? If you are a conservative, rest assured that this statement was garbled and you heard it wrong. 

If you are a liberal, looks like your ears are able to unscramble silly messages (although why it didn’t work with Bernie is still a mystery).

Newsom was a ludicrous choice for governor, but he seems to have really stepped up his game for coronavirus. His decisions have been well-timed and his vision almost prescient. 

Rather spooky.

It has also helped immensely that California is essentially one massive bedroom community since we don’t build cities where people are piled on top of one another. 

Like New York.

Let’s try another one. 

“Donald Trump is not the tyrant that the left wants to think he is.” 

Liberals — I’ll bet it was garbled for you. Conservatives — you probably heard it right.

I was listening to a radio program this morning that very accurately portrayed the Trump response as remarkably measured. Our president has not assumed “emergency powers” and become the dictator that the left assumes he is or will become.

President Trump has also allowed states to respond to the crisis in their own way so as to tailor the actions to the communities and regions involved. 

In fact, one may say that Mr. Trump has enabled Gov. Newsom to exercise the decision-making needed to give us success against the virus.

Trump also went so far as to commend Newsom.

President Trump has not stripped away civil liberties from individuals and enslaved them in their homes. No martial law. He has listened to medical authorities and made the right decisions to slow the spread of the virus. 

Have mistakes been made? Of course. 

One mistake was trusting that the Chinese were telling the truth. They must have been talking through their face masks when they told us that only 3,800 people have died in China. 

It appears from many sources that the actual number is over 40,000 in Wuhan alone.

Mr. Trump has also been extremely generous with aid ($2 trillion). A tyrant would have held aid and allowed the virus to take its course. 

Anyone remember that Joseph Stalin allowed millions to die of starvation in Mother Russia? I’m not seeing a parallel between the two.

There is now serious question as to whether we should continue to fund the World Health Organization. Apparently, China used the WHO as a mere propaganda machine to continue spreading lies about coronavirus. I think our own CDC is a far better vehicle for defending the entire world than this worthless United Nations bureaucracy.

I’m getting accustomed to my mask. Maybe if I speak a little louder, my voice won’t be so muffled. On the other hand, there is a certain advantage in not being heard clearly….

Side note: I have an idea. I think we should all take out ads in The Signal. If you are blessed to have a job, call up the Signal business office and tell your wife/husband how much you love them by taking out a small square in the paper. 

We need to protect our local paper because our paper protects our republic. And our freedom.

Steve Lunetta is a resident of Santa Clarita and just realized he could be a bank robber with his new mask. If only the banks were open. Steve can be reached at [email protected].

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