The latest trends in women’s eyebrows


Trends involving eyebrow shaping and shading are ever-changing. Sometimes it’s de rigueur to have thin eyebrows, while other times trends call for much thicker eyebrows. 

Bold brows 

The thinned-out eyebrows that were popular in the 1990s probably will not make an appearance any time soon, despite the throwback fashion trends showing up in many different stores. Bold brows continue to dominate magazine beauty spreads.

What Brooke Shield did for brows 40 years ago, Cara Delevingne has done for modern bold brow lovers. Thick, full brows continue to make waves.

The bold brows of 2020 aim to look less perfect than in years past. Rather than appearing painted or stamped on, celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes says a soft, fluffy brow is popular and  can be achieved using a brow pencil in an upward motion, slightly angled towards the temple of your head.

Soap brows

Soap brows refer to a technique and not exactly the shape. These brows are brushed up and fluffy in appearance.

Rather than using eyebrow gel to keep brows in place, a time-tested method relies on soap instead. Simply drag a wet, spooled brush (like that for mascara) across a bar of clear soap and use to brush brows into place.

Shadowed brows

Natural brow texture is on display with a shadow effect that uses a buffed-in base of brow powder to follow the curves and contours of the natural brows. A setting gel can keep hairs in place.

Dewy brows

A wet, glossy finish is the hallmark of this style. A wax pencil and clear setting gel help the brows to look slightly wet and shiny.

Makeup artists advise that even though women may see several different brow trends in magazines and on social media, the latest trend is not the best shape and shade for everyone. It also may help to schedule a shaping with a brow professional. (MC)

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