Walter McKee | The Dictator of California

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Column by Steve Lunetta on April 16.

Steve’s article is a good warning about dictators. However, in California we already have a dictator and his name is Gavin Newsom. The liberal governor and his super-majority of liberal Democrats pretty much do whatever they want. One of Newsom’s first moves in office was to ignore the will of the people who voted to keep capital punishment. He not only ruled against it but dismantled the death chamber itself. It’s not about whether you support capital punishment, it’s about the governor ignoring the citizens he supposedly represents and doing what he pleases. 

Now we have another fiat. Newsom just announced that he will use $75 million of taxpayer money to provide illegal immigrants with economic relief. So he and his liberal cronies have just decided to take taxpayer money and hand it over to people who have come into our country illegally. We have an immigration program with laws, quotas, etc. But these people just ignore the rules and Newsom is happy to reward them (probably because they most likely will vote Democratic). 

What if I don’t want my tax money to be handed over to criminals? When you have no choice, you are indeed dealing with a dictator.

Walter McKee

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