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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am writing you today to give my heartiest endorsement to Mike Garcia for Congress. He is a local product who exemplifies our region. Mike is a family man and Saugus High School graduate with a powerful resume: Naval Academy, naval aviator, master’s degree in national security, significant
business experience both in large corporate and small business settings. His success is a testament to hard work and commitment.

Most importantly, Mike Garcia has the heart of a servant. I was able to spend some quality personal time with Mike Garcia recently. You and many of your readers will agree, you get to know someone by the time you finish 18 holes of golf. You know whether you want to spend more time with the person or run away. I can tell you this man is a class act. I have also had many other opportunities to work with Mike, and each time I am more
convinced he is the right choice as our next congressperson in the 25th District.

The government trusted him to land a $70 million aircraft on a postage stamp in the ocean known as an aircraft carrier. I trust him and know he will to do us proud. When he says he believes in the Constitution, capitalism and competition, know it is the foundation of his dedication to the American way of life; evidenced by him flying 30-plus combat missions over the Middle East.

When he is elected on May 12, you too will come to appreciate this intelligent, articulate and well-informed patriot.

COVID-19 has made this election cycle like none before it. My lovely bride Jeannie and I have already voted for Mike Garcia, taking our ballots inside the post office; then confirming our ballots were received and counted online at www.lavote.net.

Mike Garcia has the right stuff. I am asking you to join us and VOTE MIKE GARCIA!

B.J. Atkins


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