Bad habits that may be affecting your appearance


Who doesn’t want to look and feel her best? Many women go to great lengths in the name of beauty. But not every beauty tip or practice is beneficial. Women may be tempted to repeat bad beauty habits when they get the desired results, but doing so can put their bodies at risk.

Turning a blind eye to these habits is never a good idea. In fact, recognizing potential beauty pitfalls and how to avoid them can promote long-term health, and nothing is more beautiful than that.

Failure to drink enough water.

One of the most effective ways to nurture skin comes right out of the tap in the kitchen sink. When people forget to drink adequate amounts of water, loss of fluids can result in dry skin that may have a tired, faded look. Even subtle wrinkles may become more pronounced as a result.

Getting tan from the sun or tanning beds.

A warm, golden glow is a hallmark of long days spent in the great outdoors. Many  aspire to have a beautiful tanned look and will spend hours in the sun or at tanning salons. Dermatologists warn that ultraviolet rays that come from the sun or tanning beds can be very harmful to the skin, even if you do not burn. Premature aging and skin cancer are two risks.

Wearing dark nail polish.

Polishing nails can coordinate with style trends. Women who regularly polish their nails with dark hues and leave the color on too long may find their nails become discolored, especially after using less expensive polishes with powerful dyes. Change nail colors and give nails time to recover between applications.

Using dirty makeup brushes.

Cosmetics can completely transform appearance, often with minimal effort. By failing to clean brushes after frequent use, women are potentially exposing themselves to bacteria and other microorganisms that congregate on brushes and applicators. This bacteria eventually can spread into the beauty products themselves.

Popping pimples.

The temptation to pop pimples is significant. The wellness resource Verywell Health says popping pimples forces pore debris deeper into follicles, can make blemishes worse and increases the chances of developing acne scars and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Use a warm compress on pimples to speed up the natural healing process instead of popping them.

Taking hot showers.

While this may be more of a concern in winter, when a steamy shower is the perfect way to chase away the chill, water that is too hot can remove a layer of the protective oils on skin and hair. Moderate the temperature instead.

Bad beauty habits can compromise women’s appearance and their overall well-being. Some women may benefit from changing their beauty routines. (MC)

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