Karla H. Edwards | Drinking the Kool-Aid

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Do you remember the Johnstown Massacre that took place in 1978 when 900 followers of Jim Jones died after drinking poisoned (drink mix) at his direction? I didn’t think I would ever see anything like that happening again, but then a number of Donald Trump supporters drank poisonous substances since their leader told them it would be effective in fighting the coronavirus. As Trump would say: “sad.” I would say: They drank the Kool Aid.

Karla H. Edwards


Editor’s note: Trump actually didn’t state that disinfectants “would be effective” in fighting the virus, nor did he instruct anyone to simply buy disinfectants and drink them. He suggested to his medical staff that they should study whether something like a disinfectant injection could be effective against the virus.

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