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Letters to the Editor
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It is that time, and here we go again. First, I do not care who you vote for, because it is your American right. However, if there’s one thing I hate in politics, and I always have, it is cheap, tacky, dirty, deceptive hit mail from both sides, both Democrats and Republicans. I wish to hell that people would just state the facts, as the facts that they are and not all the drama.

The final analogy is this. As history has shown, there is now and always has been, good and bad in the Republican and Democrat parties — Presidents Roosevelt, Reagan, Kennedy, Eisenhower and Truman to name a few good ones. And even during their times there was negative politics.

One thing politics lacks is honesty. We need transparency in interpretation, not Photoshop deception. What I’m saying is this: You want my vote, don’t bulldoze my mailbox with this crap.

Ken Dean

Santa Clarita

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