Lois Eisenberg | Trump vs. FDR

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

To compare President Donald Trump to the “Pearl Harbor Moment” is no match for what Trump is doing to undermine, while Franklin Delano Roosevelt united.

Trump is divisive, egotistical, not ethical, no morals, no integrity, which adds up to a shameful (occupant) in the White House.

FDR tried to unite the Republicans in hopes that they would support his New Deal, to no avail, but they are sure reaping the benefits from this New Deal.

FDR left a blueprint for prosperity, justice for all Americans and giving back their dignity.

As attested to this blueprint:

40-hour work day.

Federal minimum wage.

Abolishing child labor.

Relief for unemployment.

Recovering the economy back to “normal levels.”

Reformed the financial sector to prevent another Depression.

Social Security.

Established the Civilian Conservative Corps (CCC).


These programs brought us out of the Depression and put American workers back on the government payroll.

The government at this time is not functioning in this manner thanks to Trump and his corruptible administration.

So in praise of the New Deal, this country survived the Depression of 1929.

If this present government takes heed of what FDR did in the Great Depression, we have a chance of survival.

To this I say keep the vigil, stay, healthy, safe and strong.

God bless America!

Lois Eisenberg


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