Mae Williams | Infuriating Aid to Illegal Immigrants

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Letters to the Editor
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When I heard the news that our governor wants to give more money to the illegal immigrants in our state, I got furious. Are you kidding me?

We have hard-working, taxpaying citizens who are suffering, trying to make ends meet, and we are supporting a bunch of people who broke the law coming here. We don’t need these people here. We have many citizens out of work — the homeless, veterans — and a lot of freeloaders on welfare.

No more free rides. We need to eliminate this welfare, and keep disability for our citizens who are truly disabled. These illegal immigrants have been living better than most of our citizens. It’s time to end. They need to be deported now. The honest, hard-working self-supporting ones can come back the legal way.

I truly understand their need for a better life, but there are far too many bringing crime, drugs and problems to our country. It’s time the country gets really tough on crime, drugs and drug users. We need to give our brave police officers free hand to do their jobs as they see necessary. If they need to rough up a criminal to get their attention, then so be it. I’m sick of seeing cops putting their lives on the line for these losers, then our worthless judges turning them loose.

It’s easy to see why so many are moving out of state. They are tired of the corrupt, ignorant leaders, their out-of-control high taxes, restrictions and the illegal immigrants. 

In order to make America great, we need to bring law and order to town again. Put God back in our schools, and our lives, clean up the filth in our movie industry, and bring back clean, healthy entertainment.

At one time California was truly the Golden State. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy it again?

Mae Williams

Santa Clarita

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