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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Kudos to Roberta Constantine (letters, April 25) for calling out the city on the lack of enforcement of personal protective equipment in public. I also contacted the city about this issue and was told there is no enforcement. In addition, at a local grocery store, all shoppers are let in during “senior hour,” no one monitors the door and they permit people without masks to shop. 

It has taken three calls to their corporate office to inform them that they are putting others at risk of contracting the coronavirus, and while they are sympathetic, nothing happens. 

Now, and in the future, I will shop elsewhere. 

But, at the same time there are a few local stores doing an awesome job. The first is our local eclectic store with little tiki heads and colorful social distancing lines drawn on the pavement outside the store. There is always someone at the door ensuring you are a senior and wearing a mask and limiting the number of shoppers inside. Great job! 

Next is the store named after little thin grains that grow in the ground and that you can put on your sandwich. You are greeted by a security guard outside who monitors the line and ensures you have face covering. Another great job! 

Third is our largest big box store, and when they advertise senior hour, they mean it. At 6 a.m. on Tuesdays, we are all waiting for the store to open under a rain cover, ready to go. 

They have a wonderful greeter monitoring the line and informing us about product availability. He’s cheerful and helpful, and it’s a welcome touch at 6 a.m. 

I even saw the greeter checking a driver’s license to ensure the person was over 65. 

Well, I suppose if the city will not step up, we can rely on some local businesses to do what is right. Great job, everyone. 

Your community appreciates you!

Randi Kay


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