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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to temporarily close, creating an uncertain future for local small business owners and our employees. As the scope of the outbreak continues to evolve, a return to normalcy seems more distant.

Washington is trying to help with much-needed relief packages that will cost taxpayers trillions of dollars.

I’d much rather be running my business than awaiting help from the government, but I’ve come to appreciate that local businesses need a partner they can trust representing us at the state and federal level. Assemblywoman Christy Smith has been that trusted partner.

Since day one, Christy has asked business owners and leaders how she can help. She formed the Small Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee, and even went beyond that group to personally solicit opinions and consult us on how legislation would affect our employees and our bottom line. 

Throughout this current crisis, Christy has reached out to support and to listen to our needs. In Sacramento she supported numerous bills aimed at supporting local businesses and agencies through this and other disasters: Assembly Bill 1837, AB 2379, Senate Bill 89 and SB 117, to name a few. She’s also personally secured personal protection equipment for front-line workers and first responders. She’s reached out to nonprofits to ensure they have what’s needed to help the most at-risk among us.

Now she is running to be our trusted partner in Congress. Christy has never asked me if I’m a Democrat or a Republican, only what she could do to help. We need more of that in Washington, and less partisan division.

If you want competent, responsive, solution-oriented representation in Congress for our community, cast your mail-in ballot for Christy Smith for Congress by May 12.

Robert Gonzalez

Santa Clarita

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