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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The “End the Sham” editorial (May 16) comes as a breath of fresh air. The claim of following the science and “we are all in this together” are proving to be little more than propaganda to keep the population compliant. Fear is being used to control the impulse to follow common sense.

Where is the science telling us not to sit on the sand at the beach? Where is the science telling us it’s safe to shop at Walmart but not at Best Buy? Where is the science telling us it’s right or safe for government to close all medical procedures other than COVID-related?

We do know young people and especially children are at little risk, so why are schools closed? We do know that people over 65 and those with underlying conditions are at risk. My wife and I fit that category. We have been caring for each other for 54 years and I can tell you we don’t need government telling us to take precautions. We also don’t need or want the entire culture to be shut down using us as an excuse.

How did we get to a place here in L.A. County where a “health officer order” is allowed to strip 10 million people of the freedom guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States? Looks to me like everyone is waiting for government to give us back our freedoms.

Has that ever happened in history? Just something we should be thinking about.

Thomas L. Cadman

Canyon Country

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