Dan Petkunas | Double Standard for Horse Poop?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Santa Clarita is a terrific place to live. It’s friendly, alive, clean, and… wait, let me back up… mostly clean. For some reason we keep running into horse poop. Horse poop is scattered along the San Francisquito bike-walking-jogging-skating trail just south of Copper Hill Drive. Not on the asphalt itself, but right next to it on the dirt where bikers-walkers-joggers are, too, dodging the horse poop. Horses have even left piles right on the sidewalk along Copper Hill near Albertson’s. 

The issue has been brought to the city’s attention. So far, not much of a response. Is it too much to ask to request horse owners use horse diapers or clean up like dog owners are required to do?

Dan Petkunas
Santa Clarita

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