Mike Molacek | Advocating Mayhem?

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Letters to the Editor
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On the front page of The Signal June 3 there is a picture of a protester holding a sign stating “DEFUND THE POLICE.” So if that were to happen, what would be the result? I dare say mayhem would rule! Who are you going to call when help is needed? There is a thin blue line that keeps us all secure. 

The rule of law must prevail or our society will fall apart. Much radical thinking today is due to liberal progressive education that teaches civil unrest. Anti-American groups take advantage of these events to cause mayhem. Peaceful protests are welcome, but hurting fellow citizens by using protests as a cover and destroying property is never right.

What happened to George Floyd was terrible, everyone agrees. Those who did it under the color of authority will be punished severely. Don’t connect all peace officers with the bad behavior of a few. There are law breakers in every walk of life . Hopefully in the future this terrible event will not be replayed, and bad police can be weeded out to prevent future injustices against our fellow Americans!

Now people of color have been killed during these protests and riots. So do their lives matter?

Mike Molacek
Santa Clarita

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