Randi Kay | Consider Hiring Older Workers

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In this age of rampant unemployment, older citizens are also undergoing financial stress. Prices are rising due to business closures and reduced profits. 

There are seniors looking for work. Older workers come with benefits. Many are healthy and have had productive work lives. They have patience, loyalty and work hard. They understand what it means to arrive on time and ensure their work is completed. The majority are willing to work for a lower wage than their experience and education would command in a competitive workplace. They are good listeners and have great customer service skills. After all, who do the kids go to when they have problems? Grandparents of course! 

I have a favor to ask all employers. The next time a resume comes across your desk and you recognize this is an older worker, think twice before you put it aside. You just might have been looking at the resume of the best employee you’ve ever had.

Randi Kay

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