Randi Kay | Masks and a Divided America

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Every time I read about wearing masks infringing on the rights of American citizens, I cringe. The first wave of coronavirus is not over, and cases are increasing. The fact that institutions see higher numbers of infected people whether by bacteria or viruses is not unusual. 

What I object to is going into a business and having someone without a mask get into my personal space, potentially infecting me with “something.” I want to live long enough to vote and it is my personal right not to be subjected to the risk of getting coronavirus by doing essential business in my community. 

Whatever you want to do is your business – attend a political rally, go to a protest to object to masks and social distancing in your community, complain about Democrats, go to a baseball game, have a party – do whatever you want to do. The coronavirus problem has been so politicized that it has become detrimental to the country. The approach to it on the part of the administration has resulted in the Divided States of America. 

So, if you don’t want to play Russian roulette, wear a mask, stay away from anyone without one, wash your hands and wear gloves if you think you need to. Don’t support any businesses that don’t enforce some activities that protect your health. Perhaps in November we can get back on track to becoming the United States of America.

Randi Kay

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