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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Colin Kaepernick, remember him? He’s the former NFL quarterback who shocked sports fans and the country when, prior to the start of a game, he refused to stand for the national anthem, but instead kneeled on one knee. He was protesting police brutality and for his effort he was fired, ridiculed and scorned. That was in 2016 and since then, although he is an extremely talented player, he has not played for any team. No club offered him a contract.

Many thought he had gone too far. How dare he do such a thing? The anthem honors all who have fought and died for this country. How could he disrespect it?

Well, that was almost four years ago and it turns out, Kaepernick was right and that protesting during the national anthem was the perfect place to protest. It turns out that those who fought and died for this country believed what this country stands for: that all men are created equal and have the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They would have thought that protesting police brutality was not only justified but also imperative. 

As we look at the riots going on in Minnesota and around the country, one has to wonder what things would be like today if Kaepernick had been joined by his teammates and others.

I wonder what would have happened if all the players of all the sport teams, football, baseball, basketball, etc., would have had the courage to “take a knee” for the national anthem. What if people began to understand the importance of ridding the country of police brutality in 2016? 

Might 2020 be different today? I think yes. Is it too late? Perhaps. Still, I’m ready to “take a knee.”

Richard Myers


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