Top tips to help you mow your lawn like a pro


If you’re a homeowner who already has a nice lawn but you are looking to take its appearance to the next level, striping is a quick and easy way to do it, according to experts.

“All we’re doing with our equipment is we’re making our grass lay down in two different directions so that it looks nice and intentional,” says Brian Latimer, a landscaping expert and 2020 Exmark partner. “It’s simple to do, but gives the lawn a nice, professional, crisp look,”

Latimer, who also happens to be a professional bass angler on the FLW tour, shared his lawn striping secrets in a recent episode of “Done-in-a-Weekend Projects,” an Exmark Original Series. In the episode, Latimer notes that while having a striping kit can help you achieve the right look, it isn’t necessary, and you can stripe your lawn whether you are working with a 21-inch walk-behind mower or a 60-inch riding mower.

Another thing to consider, according to Latimer, is the type of grass you plant. Typically, the wider blade grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass and fescue stripe better and are generally easier to mow. Whereas some of the grasses that you mow a lot closer, like centipede grass and Bermuda grass, are tougher to mow and don’t show their stripes quite as well. He suggests that for these grasses, it is best to use a striping kit. 

Whatever type of mowing equipment or grass you have, you can achieve more visually defined lawn stripes by making multiple passes.

To learn more, check out “Mow Like a Pro,” in which Latimer walks show host and landscape designer, Doug Scott through the finer points of lawn striping by visiting Exmark’s Backyard Life is part of a unique multimedia destination that has a focus on helping homeowners make the most of their backyard. While visiting the site, you can also access other Exmark Original Series, including “Prime Cuts,” “Done-In-A-Weekend Extreme Projects” and “Dream Yards.”

With the right strategy, you can mow with greater confidence to achieve a lawn that looks professionally landscaped. (SPT)

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