Five reasons why the ’burbs are better

The Santa Clarita Valley Business Journal

Holly Schroeder

President & CEO of SCVEDC

Here are five reasons why the suburbs are uniquely suited to, and could benefit from, the coronavirus crisis:

Work from home provides more flexibility

Employees have long been requesting to work from home, and now that managers have realized that their employees are at least as productive, if not more productive at home, employers are likely to reconsider the need for everyone to be in the office all of the time. This has allowed for movement out of city centers and into the suburbs as long commute times are less of an issue.

Homes in the suburbs often boast private yards

One of the huge benefits of living in the ‘burbs is buying a home with a private yard. This issue has come to a head in recent months as stay-at-home orders went into effect. Being able to access outdoor space is beneficial for a healthy body and mind, and during the crisis, many city dwellers fled their cramped apartments to either rent or buy homes in the suburbs.

Density perceived to contribute to coronavirus outbreaks

Several recent studies have shown that density does not actually cause a spike in Covid-19 cases, but that doesn’t stop the perception that it does to the benefit of the ‘burbs. Many millennials who were already considering leaving the city, have accelerated their move to a community that offers more space to spread out.

 New home construction is more attractive than ever

Searches for new home construction have surged 73 percent compared to last year, according to The Harris Poll commissioned by real estate listing company Zillow. With thousands of new homes planned or underway here in the Santa Clarita Valley, we are well-suited to meet that need.

Modern, city-like amenities in ‘burbs create ideal live-work-play communities 

While cul-de-sacs, paseos, and neighborhood schools still score big points among those who are escaping city life, most millennials don’t want to leave it all behind. The trend today is creating mini urban centers in suburbia that are walkable, provide excellent amenities (like high end shopping, arts, dining, and coffee houses), and have easy access to public transit. This reimagined suburb living provides the kind of live-work-play environment that is attractive to both potential homebuyers and businesses.

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