Gary Horton | Only You Can Save America from Trump

Gary Horton

President Donald Trump has sent his Imperial Storm Trooper goons up to Portland to show America what his brand of “Law and Order” looks like. Bunches of military-grade, dressed-for-Armageddon, dubiously tagged, repurposed Homeland Security and Border Patrol guys getting to finally pretend they’re in the Big Leagues, chucking tear gas and firing stun guns and rubber bullets at protesters… grinding folks to the pavement, cuffing ’em and carting them off in UNMARKED vehicles to unknown locations. 

This is not America.

If this looks like your brand of liberty and justice; when you finally join the rest of the masses you believe are fleeing California, may I suggest heading to Moscow or perhaps Beijing? Belarus also has some inexpensive spots waiting for you and I hear the piroshkis there are mouthwatering. The borscht in Moscow is superb, but stay away from the bat soup in Beijing. There are some reported complications there.

Say you’re not quite ready for the big move to complete authoritarianism? Easy folks, vote “red” this November and trust me, you’ll feel closer to Moscow faster than you ever imagined, without the hassle of selling your California home for more money than you ever saved from working.

El Trumpo says he’s sending his squads to Chicago. Plans are made and tracks are laid to invade shortly. New York is mentioned as Trump target No. 3. The “Black Lives Matter” sign painted right in front of his hotel has gotten under his crusty, rusty skin and a few hundred tear gas launchers might just get law and order back in front of Trump Tower’s front door.

This is not America. This is a dystopian Trumpland.

Trump doesn’t have much to stand on while standing for this year’s election. The coronavirus rages out of control, much of the blame at his feet for a fully botched initial response that some experts count responsible for a majority of the 140,000 dead Americans so far. We had a chance to catch it early, but wearing masks looked weak and developing a comprehensive national response plan in January or February would have been hard work. Much harder than sound bites and marketing poses holding Bibles in front of churches he doesn’t attend. We trial ballooned some initial “virus response updates” with Trump taking the lead and Dr. Anthony Fauci rolling eyes. But when Trump went too far off the rails and polls started crashing, the daily updates got cancelled and Trump shook off any interest and responsibility for the tragedy unfolding – hoping, hoping, the virus would “magically disappear” – just as he promised it would. 

But it didn’t.

Now, major states are under attack with real potential to push us back inside our houses again – which none of us want. Very bad for presidential ratings. “Nobody’s ever seen such bad ratings…” 

So, with an economy shot to Great Depression levels, with entire industries, from air travel to retail vaporizing before Trump’s eyes and inside employees’ pocketbooks, with the Fed running out of the last of any kind of ammunition lifelines to throw at this bottomless pit – Trump has two last cards: “Law and order” and “Fear of Biden.”

Oh, what an election season this will be. Imagine the most negative imagery you can conjure, throw that in a pot set to high boil, and toss in truckloads of fear, fear, fear.

First comes the goon squads with their ominous full-metal-jacket invasion suits. “Only I can protect you!” Trump says. He describes an America in full collapse, rivers turning to blood, the moon gone dark – and goon squads are here to rescue the trembling seniors as they watch the well-staged scenes unfold, glued to their flickering Fox News TVs…

Trump’s invasion squad moves are evil-genius adroit. These early prime-time-purposed vignettes set Trump’s table to normalize bringing the dubiously marked invasion forces back out come election week. “We’re from the federal government and we’re here to help,” is the message, as we see military-grade Homeland Security staff line up outside minority-area voting locations – “just to ensure against voter fraud.” 

Would you pass a gauntlet of 30 battle-ready fully armed, misguided men snarling at you? Some would, some wouldn’t… That’s the point.

Next up is the full demonization of Joe Biden, a guy about as everyman as has ever aspired to the presidency. Joe, with 50 years of public service, with military-serving kids, with a doctorate wife, is portrayed as a zombified tool of the far left… a pawn, a socialist, communist, anarchist, hater and destroyer of all that is good in America. And, he’s senile, too, we’re told.

Sounds like Trump held a mirror up to his face and said, “Yeah, this will do” – and reflected and projected his dark qualities onto the image of Biden they’re promoting… while Trump himself conjures the end of America, and only he and his good squads can save us. It’s a double whammy of desperate threats and negativity we’re forced to endure until Jan. 20, 2021, when the real plague is finally defeated.

Leading to that, something has to save us, and it isn’t more goon squads. At this point, it’s up to you and me to take it to the streets. Protest, yes… but voting, oh so much more.

Never, ever, has freedom and justice twisted in the wind on such a thin string as today. Only you can prevent forest fires and only you can save the nation. “Better dead than red” is truer than ever. 

On Nov. 3, vote Blue. Our liberty is up to you.

Trump must go so we can continue forward. We’ve got to bring our civil nation back from the brink.

Gary Horton’s “Full Speed to Port!” has appeared in The Signal since 2006. The opinions expressed in his column do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Signal or its editorial board.

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