Richard Myers | Predictions for the School Year

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Letters to the Editor
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I see that the White House is urging those in charge of our schools to open them up in the fall, although many school districts have already declared that they will not have the children returning to the classrooms but that learning will be virtual through the media.

Nevertheless, the White House continues to push for opening the classrooms, saying that children are very low-risk for the virus. That may be true, but what about the risk of spreading? Disaster is looming. For those districts foolish enough to buy the White House logic, I will make this prediction: Phase one: Classrooms open. Phase two: Teachers get sick (virus and other illnesses). Phase three: Classes continue with substitute teachers. Phase four: Substitute teachers get sick. Phase five: Lack of teacher personnel causes classrooms to close and virtual classes also hampered or cancelled.

Please note that in phase two and three it is quite likely that many teachers will get sick. The stress of going to work every day wondering if this is the day they will get the virus has got to play havoc with immune systems. 

So, in the end, those districts that open are going to find that they are worse off than they would have been if they had ignored the White House.

I don’t often make predictions and I will be delighted if I am proven wrong. 

Richard Myers


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