Roger Gitlin | A Footnote on 2010 Immigration Rally

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The father of a Black teen murdered by an illegal immigrant in 2008 told “Fox & Friends” on Sunday that because his son’s case was not a matter of police brutality, he received no support from the Black Lives Matter movement and was forced to mourn on the “sidelines” by Black leaders:

Councilman Bob Kellar:

You and I were there to support Jamiel Shaw and his family and L.A. County sheriff’s Deputy David March at our Save Our State rally in March 2010 at the Civic Center in Valencia. I have forwarded this to The Signal in hopes it will remind Santa Clarita you were the only city elected official to express outrage of the senseless murder of Jamiel Shaw Jr. Your metaphoric statement referencng President Theodore Roosevelt in pledging support for one flag, the American flag, and one language: the English language, speaks volumes of your patriotism. 

I am proud of you and ashamed of two sitting members of the City Council, Laurene Weste and Marsha McClean, for their absence at our rally and their indifference to illegal immigration. Shameful!

I remember like it was yesterday: Weste crisscrossing her arms and telling me there was nothing the city could do about illegal immigration and to contact my congressman, Buck McKeon. I told her to get out of office. I guess she did not listen to me.

Roger Gitlin

Supervisor, District 1, County of Del Norte

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