Betty Arenson | Following the Yellow Brick Road Was Just a Dream

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

There was a time when USA-loving Americans would have never dreamed that citizens would be scorned and vilified for their appreciation and love for the United States of America. 

The proud and grateful who pledge allegiance to the country, stand for American flag and the National Anthem and respect the U.S. Constitution in its entirety. People who believe honest, hard work is admirable, believe in the blessing of choosing and practicing a religion of one’s choice, respecting and supporting our police and our military, possess a healthy knowledge of history and the wisdom not repeat it… and so much more. 

Thinking otherwise was unbelievable.

Very sadly that naiveté turned ugly and America is under siege.

We’ve been told very clearly by a recent U.S. president that any mix of what we used to admire tosses us into a group of “…bitter, they cling to their guns or religion…” outcasts. 

We watch no-real-life-experience students run the schools, especially many colleges, while cowardly, overpaid professors and administrators shrink and placate to the demands of those who have more misdirected energy than common sense and any reality of true life.

The aforementioned individuals join the choir of other anti-Americans who desire to “fundamentally” change America; this while they take advantage of every freedom America has to offer in her present state. 

Precious freedoms are falsely used to act out with violence, destruction and brutality. 

Rioting, arson, pure destruction of private and government properties, completely demolished in the name of freedom of expression, freedom of speech and, dangerously, under the guise of peaceful protests.

In real life and real time, the sagacious among us witness that civil “protests” are anemic and “peace” is non-existent. 

Somehow hard-working, decent citizens were confronted with illogical if not illegitimate mandates and rules that cement harsher punishment for not reporting to jury duty than repeatedly committing extremely perilous crimes. 

Crimes like arson of any structure or business, irrespective of how many humans may be inside; lobbing homemade chemical devices at law enforcement personnel; demolishing any public or private building; and blinding law enforcement officers by any means necessary. 

As of a couple of days ago we witnessed a gang of thugs in Portland, Oregon, dragging one lone innocent man out of his vehicle, attempted to murder him by beating him then kicking him in the head into unconsciousness. 

“Arrest” you say? 


As of this writing there’s been an attempt at identifying only one hoodlum, but it’s safely predictable that the story will fatefully fade without accountability. 

And I do not mean accountability only on the parts of the street thugs. In the outlying event of addressing such an “injustice,” the thug gets the advantage of the free-bail bounty funded by rich, anti-American wealthy celebrities. 

The stage is set and the choreography is in full action:

The most intolerant demand tolerance.

The most divisive demand unity.

The most bigoted scream racism.

Those who dictate looking at the world through the prism of all-are-equal are the first to highlight the differences, citing gender, race, creed and heritage.

The most discriminatory preach inclusiveness. 

The most hateful exhort love and kindness. 

Those demanding civility are the most magniloquent.

Those who proclaim freedom of speech suspend yours. 

The omnipotent hierarchy demand equality while they keep their status.

Notably the demands for equality on all fronts are disgracefully vacuous and phony. 

For example, in 2002 First Lady Laura Bush was dis-invited to speak at UCLA. She was deemed as having “no merit” ( 

However in 2007, former Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was warmly welcomed to speak at Columbia University. He told the crowd that America supported terrorists; the Holocaust slaughter of 6 million Jews is not true and there are no gay people in Iran ( For the latter, the LGBTQ community was silent. Dead silent.

Communism and socialism have historically bubbled in America, but today it’s prominent and in our collective face. The calls for give-it-to-me-for-free are loud and far too common. 

The word “deserve” has become ugly with taint. The self-proclaimed deserving crowd believe The Yellow Brick Road was built as a panacea for a never-have to-sacrifice life. 

Most dismally they missed the road’s conclusion of disappointment: It was all a dream. 

It is that omission that now makes traveling down The Yellow Brick Road a nightmare.

Betty Arenson is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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