Brandy Grote | Frustrated By Unemployment Delay

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

We need our unemployment funds! 

My husband was furloughed the first week of June. He immediately started contacting the Employment Development Department to open his claim. It took him two weeks to just get ahold of someone, another two weeks to iron out the errors on EDDs side. His claim is current, and he has been doing his weekly verifications. He has the magic card. 

However, we have not seen one penny of the money owed to him, the money we need to live on while his company is closed down and not paying him. 

I urge Gov. Gavin Newsom, Assemblywoman Christy Smith and Sen. Robert Hertzberg to fix this broken system. I know many are in this same dilemma, some for twice as many months as us. 

It should be simple to just set his amount, and send it to the card at this point. I cannot imagine what the delay is about?

Brandy Grote

Granada Hills

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