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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It’s amazing to me that the once-mighty Signal continues to lift John Boston to an editorial status on a weekly basis. He might be a “blast from the past,” but his good-old-boy cowboy yarns are old, tiring and out of touch with the Santa Clarita Valley’s diverse population. He continues to promote violence -— and not in any humorous way — when he makes statements such as, “Many discuss…buying that first weapon….and, don’t wait until November.” Or, “I’m partial to the X-15….spits fire 50 feet in the air.” Then JB offers citizens to buy cauldrons filled with boiling water to pour on those troublesome “teachers’ unions! What about people who believe in a woman’s right to choose? “Spit on them and throw bricks.” This is humor? Well, maybe from the 1950s, the place where our current president lives in his head.

I think JB might have an “old man” problem and I think it’s time for him to ride into his Clint Eastwood sunset moment and sing a song that rephrases his last quote: “Doing ‘bad’ ain’t got no end…” Of course, humor intended!

Edward Strawser


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