Greg Aprahamian | SUSD Under Cloak of Darkness

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Has anyone else besides me noticed the pattern that the Saugus Union School District adopts its worst and most controversial agenda items when it is virtually impossible for anyone to notice or participate? Could it be that they don’t want the public to know or participate in the decision?

Take for instance what they deceptively labeled as their “Dual Language Immersion Program,” passed a year and a half ago with no notice to the public other than placing it as an agenda item two weeks before Christmas. 

In other words, while the majority of the district is overwhelmed frantically racing around getting the house clean, putting up decorations, getting presents wrapped, preparing the food, preparing to travel, the SUSD enacts a quasi-open-borders program that allows out-of-district students who want virtually all of their curriculum taught in Spanish access into Highlands Elementary School. This program also includes chain migration of the extended family of the enrolling students into Highlands Elementary and then future access to the William S. Hart Union High School District. 

I wonder why they didn’t want anyone to know.

In early July they took their resolution that initially started off as a school district endorsement of the Black Lives Matter political organization, but then changed it to just address perceived inequity, plus an undefined “equity” program. The Black Lives Matter political organization endorsement was nearly put back into their resolution at 11:30 p.m., if it wasn’t for some diligent community member who interrupted the Zoom meeting yelling, “All lives matter!”

The resolution passed around midnight, which meets my definition of cloak of darkness. Is anyone else besides me seeing a pattern here? It’s almost as if this school board doesn’t want the public to know and participate in what they are doing. I wonder why?

Greg Aprahamian

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