Gwendolyn Sims | Five Critical Issues for November

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

Election Day is fast approaching. Here are five critical issues to consider as you vote on Nov. 3.

Issue 1: Job-Killing AB5

Even with many workers in the 25th Congressional District out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Democrat Christy Smith continues to push for job-killing Assembly Bill 5. Under AB5, low-wage and gig economy workers are no longer considered independent contractors and are instead reclassified as employees. The Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates AB5 will affect 1 million workers in California alone. Even as American workers and small businesses begin to recover from the pandemic, the Democrats want to expand AB5 and its job-killing policies to the national level.

Republican Mike Garcia opposes AB5 and believes the 25th District has had enough of the irresponsible liberal policies that are killing jobs and crushing California’s families, workers and small businesses. He’s running for re-election to make sure California’s high taxes and job-killing legislation don’t spread to the national level.

Issue 2: National Security

As a Navy combat veteran, Mike Garcia is uniquely qualified to conduct legislative oversight on issues of national security. Mike has been appointed to the prestigious House Committee on Homeland Security. He believes there is no greater responsibility of the U.S. Congress than to ensure the protection and security of our nation. Border surveillance and protection is key to keeping the homeland safe. 

Mike helped pass the National Defense Authorization Act, and while this legislation was imperfect, it more effectively determines which agencies are responsible for national defense, establishes funding levels, and sets the policies for spending defense money. Mike knows our men and women in uniform must have the proper funding and tools necessary to keep us safe. 

Conversely, here’s what Christy Smith believes will keep our nation safe: No wall on the U.S. southern border (open borders); no immigration bans (even for terrorist nations?); free health care for illegal immigrants (magnet); illegal immigrants should be given in-state college tuition rates (magnet; unfair to American students); grant illegal immigrants amnesty (magnet; unfair to those who went through proper channels); sanctuary cities should exist and not lose federal funding (magnet; misuse of taxpayer money); decrease military spending (making America less safe); lowering of border security policies (magnet); increase of skilled immigrant visas (decreasing opportunity for Americans); and much more.

Issue 3: Public Safety and Law Enforcement

As most reasonable people do, I support the concept of public safety. To this day, Christy has remained silent on the violence, rioting, looting and tearing down of statues, while voicing her support for the “protesters.” One can reasonably infer then, that she also would support the radical Black Lives Matter organization and their Marxist Antifa cohorts.

Meanwhile, Mike Garcia openly supports law enforcement. Defunding the police is not the answer to prevent future tragedies like the George Floyd incident. Mike knows it’s vital that police reforms lead to the removal of bad cops. As the stepson of a retired Los Angeles Police Department officer, Mike recognizes the importance of supporting those who risk their lives to keep us safe, but he also recognizes we need such reforms that eradicate racism, bar chokeholds, make lynching a federal crime, require body cameras for federal officers, and create a national database of police misconduct. He believes the defunding and removal of implied immunity do nothing except perpetuate low-quality policing rather than protecting the public through a better-trained police force. Mike was an original co-sponsor of the House JUSTICE Act that aimed to increase transparency, accountability, and performance so our nation’s law enforcement officers are better prepared to protect our communities.

In Los Angeles homicides are way up over last year, but Democrats are still working to cut police budgets. Mike believes public safety should always be a top priority, while Christy Smith refuses to even condemn the reckless movement to defund the police. The L.A. County Board of Supervisors voted to put a measure on the November ballot to further defund the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. Will Christy support this reckless measure too? These issues have real consequences for our children’s and families’ safety in the 25th District. Mike knows now is the time to defend the police, not defund them. 

Issue 4: School Choice

Mike Garcia supports school choice for our children. He wrote a letter of support that accompanied Eagle Collegiate Academy’s successful petition to receive their establishment charter from the state Board of Education. Mike believes charter schools like Eagle Collegiate Academy are a great example of the importance of school choice giving parents the options to whichever high-quality education is best for their children.

Christy Smith, like most Democrats, is not in favor of school choice. Christy authored and passed AB1507, which is one among several Democrat-led pieces of legislation that significantly hindered charter school growth in California.

Issue 5: Taxes, Taxes, and More Taxes

Mike Garcia believes we Californians are being squeezed by higher property and gas taxes. He knows California and the federal government have a spending problem, not a revenue problem and that’s why he supports protecting Proposition 13. Mike will continue to work to cut taxes for all Californians. 

In these days when every dollar counts for our families, it’s a stark reminder that the out-of-control tax-and-spend policies of the Sacramento Democrats are hurting us in the 25th District.

As a California Assemblywoman, Smith voted for $3 billion in tax hikes. Mike’s right, we definitely can’t afford to send her to Washington. 

Gwendolyn Sims is a 22-year Santa Clarita Valley resident.

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