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Our View

By The Signal Editorial Board

The left is demanding nationwide mail-in balloting for the November election. They say it has been done for years. They conflate universal mail-in balloting and “absentee” mail-in balloting. They insist they’re the same thing.

They’re not.

Mail-in balloting would be sending ballots to EVERYONE registered to vote on the polling records. Ballots would then be sent to deceased people, people who moved and anyone else whether they requested a vote-by-mail ballot or not. 

The voting records are not clean and accurate.

Absentee voting requires registered voters to request a ballot and then they would receive a ballot in the mail, and they would return their ballot and vote by mail.

The left wants no signature or any type of verification to vote, and they want to allow ballot harvesting, which is legal in California but nowhere else.

Ballot harvesting allows third-party people to collect ballots and turn them in to the polling sites. Ever wonder what might happen when a partisan ballot harvester collects ballots from people registered to both parties?

Democratic Party leaders are insisting universal mail-in balloting goes into any law helping Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have all mail-in ballots with no verification of voter identity, along with ballot harvesting, you are just begging for fraud.

California alone has more than 1 million people on the voting records who are deceased or have moved.

This means that would be at least 1 million ballots in California alone that could be picked up and fraudulently tallied for either side.

In addition, the U.S. Postal Service can’t handle that increased volume of mail across the country and there is no way they can ramp up in time for the November election.

We would not know the results of the election on election day, and it could be months and many lawsuits later before it would be determined who the winner would be not only for president, but also state and local elections would be affected. This would undermine our entire election system and our democracy.

Americans need to know that their election system is accurate and fair and the rightful person wins the election.

These are obviously unprecedented times because of the pandemic and we urge the president to take bold action to ensure all Americans are able to vote and protect our democracy.

Every legitimate vote should count. The ones that aren’t, shouldn’t.

We urge President Donald Trump to craft an executive order to do the following:

Extend the voting period nationwide for two or three days to make it easier and less crowded to allow for social distancing for in-person voting.

Mandate that all states allow requests for absentee ballots be taken up to 30 days before the election, up to Oct. 3.

This will allow seven weeks for anyone who feels unsafe voting in person or who has underlying medical conditions to request an absentee ballot.

We ask the president to take these actions to ensure that everyone who is entitled to vote may do so safely, and to ensure the integrity of our democracy. 

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