Scott Wilk | Appreciating Editorial on Prop. 15

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I want to thank The Signal for its editorial, “A Taxpayer-Hunting Wolf,” advocating for the defeat of Proposition 15, which will be on the ballot Nov. 3.

Prop. 15 is the latest assault by special interests on the taxpayer protections afforded property owners by Prop. 13, a 1978 ballot initiative that protected homeowners from onerous increases in property taxes.

As your state senator, I fight against reckless spending and have pushed for greater transparency and accountability on how state government spends taxpayer dollars. The truth is that the Sacramento supermajority will never have enough money to implement their agenda. The proposed $12.5 billion property tax increase is just the first step in their quest to destroy Prop. 13.

California already has the highest income tax, sales tax, corporate tax and gas tax of any state. The correct response is to repurpose our spending priorities, not raise taxes during a global pandemic. Thank you to the editorial board for recognizing that Prop. 15 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing — and a very hungry wolf at that! Please vote “No” on Prop. 15.

Sen. Scott Wilk

Santa Clarita

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