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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Several weeks ago two men died. They shared skin color but not really much else. I’m talking about Herman Cain and John Lewis.

Lewis was built from the South before the Civil Rights struggle. He joined Martin Luther King Jr. and marched with him to bring the U.S. to an awareness of unequal justice. But as happened with so many cast under King’s spell, he forsook King’s theme. 

Unfortunately, being a Black leader does not mean that they work for the betterment of the Black race. 

Black Lives Matter is supposed to be about improving the state of the Black population. In actual fact, it has nothing to do with improving the plight of Black people overall. One of the major problems is the loss of the nuclear family and this is the most destructive thing that can be done to a race of people. 

Planned Parenthood hangs out in Black neighborhoods much like a wolf that preys on a flock of sheep. Every once in a while, an individual breaks out of the circumstance that seeks to hold them and becomes a productive source of energy.

Cain was one such individual. When his friends were making mischief, he was hard at work learning the things he knew he would need if he was going to prosper. If you stand with your foot in a doorway, it becomes difficult to close that door. Cain was just such an individual in that he was able to take an honest look at a situation and offer a solution. He did not lapse into recrimination of the white population but offered common-sense solutions that would work. 

Barack Obama offered a eulogy for Lewis in which he spoke at length on all Lewis had done for the Black race. This was somewhat humorous since Obama stands as a president who created division among the races and did nothing for people of his same skin color. Of interest was his choice as Joe Biden as vice president. Obama understood Joe was not the sharpest politician and would not get in Obama’s way. That is exactly what happened.

Men like Cain walk among us doing what they can to improve the lot of their fellow man. They often go unappreciated or unnoticed but are doing what they can to make this a stronger, more fruitful country.

The truth about Black leadership is that they have done nothing to press forward the needs of the Black race. They have not stopped one Black child from being shot and killed in Chicago. Men like Obama, LeBron James and others of their ilk all claim a mighty passion for the downtrodden of their race yet do not lift a hand to give any real help.

In reading Lewis’s final pitch, he stated we must stand up for principle and answer the calling of our hearts. He continued that future generations would record that we finally put down our hate and embraced all men. That doesn’t quite do it. 

The folly of man is omnipresent and always available to use for the destruction of man. We are beset by individuals who cheat, rob and swindle us at every turn, all the while telling that they know best.

If those football players who have no idea what they are doing when they kneel during our national anthem were to band together and march on the mayor’s office in Chicago and demand that the killing of Black persons in Chicago must stop and they weren’t going to leave until it was accomplished, then I might have some respect for them. As it stands, I don’t.

Jim Horton


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