Lynn Wright | Still Angry from Colorado

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Man, I don’t get it. Brian Baker (letters, Aug. 21) hates California, couldn’t wait to leave California, and then, after years of moaning about it, he ups and moves to Colorado, where I expected him to harangue the good folks of Castle Rock with his peculiar opinions. But no, he still yearns for his former state, watching us, reading The Signal, and moaning just like he was still in Saugus.

You would think living in the fresh air and pine trees of Colorado, with his favorite pistol strapped to his hip when he walks into Denny’s, would put him in a great mood. Nope, he is still that angry guy who growled incessantly for the kids to get off his lawn. And we’re not talking just ordinary angry, we’re talking full on chew-the-carpet Jim Horton angry. 

Those of us still in the great state of California will do just fine without your spleen venting. Yeah, we have our share of problems here, having (Donald Trump) in the White House sure doesn’t help, but we’ll correct that mistake soon enough.

As for your hatred of California, methinks the lad doth protest too much.

Lynn Wright


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