Rudolph Fillinger | Social Security, Medicare in Danger

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

If you’re a senior citizen who depends on Social Security and Medicare for support, please think long and hard about voting for Mike Garcia. Mr. Garcia supports the (current occupant of) the White House and his fellow Republicans in Congress who are actively planning to take away your Social Security and Medicare benefits to provide further tax cuts for wealthy Americans. Since House Speaker Paul Ryan put forth his budget plan following the 2016 election, the Republican Party has attempted to gut all entitlement programs. In an op-ed, Brett Arends states, “senators are seriously considering trying to arrange for the cutting — or gutting — of Social Security under cover of the coronavirus pandemic.” Republicans including Mike Garcia propose to suspend, or eliminate the payroll tax on which Social Security depends. “If anyone guts the program, or slashes benefits, they are doing so through choice, not necessity.” When Mike Garcia says he has our backs, don’t believe him. He’s a Trump Republican! 

Rudolph Fillinger


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