Susann Rizzo and Sally White | A Followup on the Ice Rink Purchase

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Dear City Council, city manager and The Signal:

On July 28, the Signal published my letter to the editor, “Cold Shoulder for Ice Rink Purchase.” This letter is a followup to that submission and I am joined by Sally White, who concurs with that submission. 

The Signal’s Friday, Aug. 21, edition states, “Council to consider buying Ice Station.” This article states the 93,000-square-foot facility has a purchase price of $14.49 million, including closing costs. It states further that the primary use of the property would continue to be a hub for ice skating, hockey and recreation skating, but in addition, there would be occasions to supplement the use of the facility for economic development opportunities. Owner Roger Perez said there were numerous potential buyers but no deals had been signed.

The Signal’s Saturday, Aug. 22, edition contains a column by The Signal’s Tim Whyte who promotes the purchase of the ice rink as a venue for multiple sporting events. He also states the facility includes meeting spaces that could be used for events of the non-skating kind. 

According to (a news report) released Aug. 23, studies done in 2010 and 2013 showed the city’s need for large event space as one of the reasons for today’s purchase of the ice rink. We seriously doubt today’s current events would support that conclusion. We further suggest that Perez continue to pursue inquiries with the numerous potential buyers. 

Susann Rizzo and Sally White


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