William Ludwig | A Roundabout Isn’t the Solution

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Roundabout plans for the intersection of Lost Canyon Road and Sand Canyon Road.

I and many of my neighbors feel a roundabout is a bad idea. I have lived on Sand Canyon Road for 22 years. I have seen the best projects and the worst. This is most certainly one of the worst ideas I have seen.

At a homeowners’ meeting, I suggested a traffic light there, but was told it was too costly. However, in a two-block radius there are five signs showing a right turn from Soledad Canyon Road onto Sierra Highway. Makes no sense to me. What in the world are they thinking? It also seems there is no consideration for the heavy pedestrian traffic from Sulphur Springs Elementary School when classes let out. 

They have tried to justify the roundabout by saying it works in Newhall. Well, that one is on a thoroughfare with little or no pedestrian traffic. I hope this nonsense can be stopped. We don’t need a tragedy at that intersection.

William Ludwig

Canyon Country

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