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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Due to the way our elected officials have responded/reacted to COVID-19, many businesses are closed. So, how can they pay their rent, insurance and utilities if they have no income? The answer is fairly straightforward. I call it the “Business Cost Forgiveness Act.”

If a business can show that it cannot earn income due to the measures taken by their state or local officials in response to COVID-19, they will be eligible for a universal cost waiver, issued by their state or local government, which will exempt them from having to pay any bills until the imposed conditions change. The federal government will rubber stamp its approval, and it’s done. Based on this waiver no landlord, utility or insurance company can legally throw them out, cut off their service, or cancel their coverage. Everything would go into a state of suspended animation.

If that happened, things might change rather quickly, which might reveal that a few thousand lives really aren’t as important as the general economy. 

Arthur Saginian
Santa Clarita

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