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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am so sick and tired of listening to former President Barack Obama pontificate from his numerous pulpits. And he is indeed pontificating because he is annoyingly pompous and dogmatic (he really should have been a preacher).

The moment he took office he set a different tone from previous presidents, almost as if he felt he had something to prove (or someone to punish). 

Twenty years of listening to the fiery anti-American mumbo-jumbo of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright played a large role in that. In researching his earlier years as a child, one could easily conclude that Barack Obama developed a chip on his shoulder. But his presidency, novel as it was, was more novel still in how it started dividing America against itself in ways unseen since the Civil War 

It all started with his gratuitous acceptance of a Nobel Peace Prize that he clearly did nothing to earn. Then came a number of nonsensical spending programs, including Obamacare, that resulted in the creation of the Tea Party movement in 2009. 

So much damage in just one year. 

Finally, after losing both houses of Congress to Republicans, he pulled out his “executive pen” and wrote Congress right out of the picture. Black Lives Matter started under Obama in 2014, and he did nothing to quell racial unrest — turned a blind eye to it and allowed it to grow. 


Former President Obama defined divisive.   

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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