Chris Hansen | Wilk Stands Up to Big Spenders

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In 2019 before COVID struck, the California economy was roaring. But, it still wasn’t enough for Sacramento politicians. That year the Legislature passed nearly $15 billion in new taxes — from a PG&E wildfire bailout tax placed on ratepayers to new taxes on the 9-1-1 system and health care plans. 

Sen. Scott Wilk voted “no” on those tax increases while other local representatives Sen. Henry Stern and Assemblywoman Christy Smith voted “aye.” 

Now with the government-induced COVID economic downturn, I’m sure Sacramento will want even more of our hard-earned money to fund their pet projects. 

With confidence I can say Sen. Scott Wilk stands up for the little guy and will tell the Sacramento Big Spenders “no.” If you believe Sacramento politicians already have too much of your money, please vote for Sen. Scott Wilk for reelection. 

Chris Hansen


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