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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The best people in education are those who view it not as a job, but as a calling. People who are passionate about guiding students to achieve their potential and reach their goals. People who see the young person in front of them, not just the topics on the curriculum or the words in the textbook. One of these people is Edel Alonso, running for re-election to the College of the Canyons board of trustees. 

Edel was a counselor at William S. Hart High School during some of my 33 years as an English teacher there, a counselor with whom every interaction was positive, a counselor committed to students, an educator’s educator. Both admirable and respected for being calmly constructive in tough situations, implementing programs that invited inclusion, really listening whether with an individual or group, using her expertise and experience to find the best way forward in any situation, and working with and for both students and faculty. 

Never someone with a sign-in/sign-out, put-in-your-time workday mind set, Edel was one who always gave above and beyond, seeing a need and doing all she could to meet it, giving time and energy and heart to whatever and whoever was before her, and always looking for ways to do more. 

During election years like 2020, there’s always talk about being a public servant, but for many the service that the phrase implies is not part of their personal equation. With Edel, service is a way of life. All in all, she is an educator who is knowledgeable, experienced, committed and eminently qualified to serve this community on the COC board of trustees. 

Dianna Louise Lund


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