Dianne Erskine-Hellrigel | Reelect Gutzeit for SCV Water

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Reelect Maria Gutzeit for Division 3 of SCV Water because she is an experienced water official and engineer. Her priority is bringing us safe, reliable water, and she is trying to keep the price of water down, which is good for all of us. She continues to make sure our water meets all health standards. Polluters are made to pay for problems, and SCV Water rapidly responds to these issues. 

Maria always makes sure that, even in the worst of droughts, we have an adequate supply. Maria has been great at working across the state to make sure we always have multiple sources of water supply. She has also been active in fighting for project price reductions and making sure we are not overpaying for our water. 

Santa Clarita and the surrounding areas are swamped with non-native invasive weeds like tamarisk and arundo donax. Maria has tackled these nasty, water-thirsty weeds in the river bed, which will help save water. She has advocated for solar power and provided hands-on learning for thousands of students. She listens to the public, and believes that their input is a priority, so you can always contact her with your ideas. She has helped veterans and other locals, hiring them for recycled water projects. 

She is currently the SCV Water board vice president, president of the Upper Santa Clara Valley Joint Powers Authority and sits on the SCV Groundwater Sustainability Agency. She realizes our country is facing many challenges, and she’s willing and ready to move forward to right these wrongs, help our valley thrive, and keep every one of you save, healthy, and comfortable with a reliable and good water supply. I have worked with Maria Gutzeit in the Upper Santa Clara River Watershed, and I personally know how responsible and dedicated she is. Reelect Maria Gutzeit for Division 3 of SCV Water. 

Dianne Erskine-Hellrigel


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