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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I thought I was pretty sharp and able to spot a scam immediately. Not this time. On several occasions I have received phone calls from DirecTV/AT&T my cable provider for specials. They call when they run a deal on premium channels like Starz, HBO, Max, etc.  I retrieved a voice mail about a promotion to get 50% off the cable bill. This intrigued me and I called the number back to check it out. Sounds very legitimate, long-time customer, offering two premium channels. 

The man asks for my pass code for the account and says he is adding Cinemax and Epic to my account at no charge. I give it to him and he tells me to go to the TV to see the channels. I ask what is the catch? The man says I have to pay four months in advance. He asks me how much my cable bill usually is. I should have said, look at my account and you would know, but I’m not suspecting anything yet. 

I tell him between $160-$230. He says the new bill will be $80 a month. He asks if I agree to the deal and I say yes, go ahead and charge me. He says with taxes it is $400 and that the promotion is possible because they partnered with eBay. I’m like why, do they have a new channel? He says no, to pay the advance I need to get an eBay card at the grocery store and put the $400 on it, then call an 800 number he gives to me to pay the advance. Now the red flag goes up. Then he offers another $50 Visa gift card if I do it in the next 60 minutes. 

I tell him I’m working and will do it tomorrow. I call the cable company and confirm there is no promotion and change my password. I hope no one else takes the bait and gives these crooks any money. 

Lore Bertuch


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