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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Either she has been ignoring the media for the last several weeks or there was a delay in The Signal publishing Lois Eisenberg’s latest (Sept. 25) bi-weekly anti-Trump rant in which she repeats a fake news story that Donald Trump called veterans “losers” and “suckers.” That story was debunked weeks ago by a host of officials to include John Bolton, a former senior Trump cabinet member and certainly no friend of Trump’s, who was sitting in the same room where the remarks were allegedly made. Furthermore, none of the alleged anonymous “sources” have come forward. The story is one of the worst pieces of yellow journalism and a new low even for the Trump haters like Lois. The timing of the story also doesn’t pass the smell test. If the alleged remarks occurred two years ago, why is the story just coming out now, less than two months before the election?

For the record, I was at that same cemetery escorting some World War II veterans as an ambassador with the Greatest Generation Foundation, on the same day that Trump was scheduled to meet with them. It was a cold, windy, wet, foggy French day. A scant three hours before he was due to fly into the event, the Secret Service informed us that it was too dangerous for Trump’s helicopter to fly that day. That is a FACT. In addition, it would have been a three-hour, unsecured trip by car. That is also a FACT. Trump understandably had to cancel for a variety of safety and security reasons.

Lois, like your husband I am also a veteran. My family has a strong tradition of military service serving our country.

I fought in Vietnam. My grandfather fought in France in World War I. My dad fought in World War II. My son has been deployed to Iraq once, to Afghanistan three times. Trump has done more for vets than any president in my lifetime. He has reformed the Veterans Administration. Thanks to Trump and his VA Accountability Act, incompetent VA administrators who previously held lifetime employment, can now be fired. Trump has also rebuilt our military. After Barack Obama and Joe Biden eviscerated the military’s budget to buy more votes through more entitlement spending, the U.S. Navy had fewer ships than prior to the start of World War II. Trump also gave our vets their biggest pay raise in probably the last decade. 

Yes, Donald Trump was a draft dodger as was Joe Biden. Does that also make Biden a “coward,” Lois?  

Max Morgan


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