Patricia Suzanne | Is There Any Hope for California?

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

I saw the bright yellow signs last week as I was driving down a major thoroughfare in town. I pulled into the shopping center and quickly found the EZ Up with the banner…to RecallGavin2020. Time to boot the tyrant in Sacramento.

Not only did I sign the petition, but I also grabbed a packet to take home, so I could gather signatures from friends and neighbors and mail them back…to Santa Clarita Republican Women, one of many local groups working hard on the petition drive.

The recall effort requires almost 1.5 million verified signatures from California voters. It’s a mammoth effort, one that vies for volunteer attention in the face of a crowded field of candidates and worries over a mess of voting procedures and dates. 

For the anticipated ballot debacle, we can “thank” Gov. Gavin Newsom, himself, who dictated that everyone on the rolls receive a ballot in the mail. His new scheme also gives county registrars many days beyond Nov. 3 not only to count ballots, but also to RECEIVE them. What could go wrong?

California was sued over its greatly flawed and inflated voter lists, a number of which contain more than 100% of the number of eligible adults even living there. The Secretary of State fought the lawsuit (with OUR tax dollars, mind you) and lost. However, many registrars of the state’s largest counties have yet to clean up the rolls. My friend’s grown son received a postcard from L.A. County inquiring as to his voter status, but he’s registered in another county and hasn’t lived with his mom at that address in more than 12 years! Can you say Tip Of The Iceberg? 

And let’s not forget the thousands of people leaving the state each year. More than 690,000 in 2018 alone. Have they notified the county registrar of their departure? Will ballots show up for them at their California addresses? Take a guess. 

But back to Newsom.

Has there ever been a governor who has seized as much dictatorial power?

His latest overreach was to mandate that all cars sold in California, beginning in 2035, must be “zero-emission” vehicles. That’s right…no more gasoline-powered vehicles. Who gave him the AUTHORITY to make such a proclamation? His arrogance knows no bounds! 

But that’s just another pearl in the never-ending string of emergency powers Newsom has been stealing for himself since he woke up to a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic “opportunity” back in March. The Democrat-controlled Legislature in Sacramento has been more than happy to go along, it seems. Are they even relevant these days?

Regarding electric cars, on a purely practical level, one has to ask, “What will generate that power, Mr. Newsom?” Our utilities can’t even keep up with demand during a heat wave as it is!

Imagine you want to drive to Arizona to visit your family members who have managed to escape California’s massive taxes, overpriced housing, degraded public education system and burdensome business regulations. Because some bureaucrat has dictated what kind of car you can drive, guess you won’t be making that trip. After all, how would you fuel your mandated vehicle to cover such a distance?

Worse yet, when the state’s “energy czar” shuts off power in your neighborhood during fire season, you won’t be able to charge your vehicle. Guess you’ll be at the mercy of the approaching flames. Pretty picture, eh?

The list of reasons to recall Gavin Newsom is quite impressive. Take a look at, just in case you have forgotten a few of his misdeeds.

Our governor is facing more than 30 lawsuits. His power grab includes more than four dozen executive orders in the last six months alone, making unilateral changes to more than 400 state and federal laws! Regardless of what side of the aisle you’re on, such actions should be of concern. 

And when Newsom isn’t acting like a monarch, he simply rubber-stamps every extreme piece of legislation sent to his desk. Even Jerry Brown was conservative compared to him. California has been sliding into an economic and social abyss throughout numerous decades of Democrat party control, and the entire situation has been amped up since the current executive took office at the beginning of 2019.

According to the California Policy Center, state and local liabilities total over $1.5 trillion, a 15% increase from 2017 to 2019, before the shutdown even began! The very liberals who complain about wealth inequality and call for “redistribution” have been systematically turning this state into a rich/poor dichotomy, with a dwindling middle class.

Our only hope is to elect conservative Republicans to the state Assembly and Senate, to bring some common sense back to the once Golden State. Vote early, as soon as you get that ballot. Turn it in at a secure ballot collection box. And track it at

Patricia Suzanne is a professional writer, retired small business owner, and conservative Republican activist. She was born and raised in the once Golden State of California, now a land of despair and disrepair for all but elite Leftist Democrats and their cronies.

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